HOP in Barons study

[Post New]by nettie727 on Mar 19, 17 3:21 PM
The safe in the HOP is suppose to be 320, but can't get the tumbler to land on the 0. It keeps skipping over the 0 and goes directly from 8 to 1.


Re:HOP in Barons study

[Post New]by CherylParker on Mar 20, 17 5:45 PM
I'm not sure which HOP you are talking about. If it is the one where you need to get the dragonfly the pendant and something else for a combination. My combination was 732. I replayed a couple times to make sure the numbers didn't change and it stayed. If you are having problems to get it ti go to a certain number maybe you can press on the hint to see if it will point out what number you need or how to get it.

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