level 54

[Post New]by nyspring on Mar 19, 17 5:22 PM
i am at level 54, from what i have read in the forum, the game goes to level 100. how do i get the rest of the game. right now there is a guy in front of a cave. the game says the apocalypse is coming and there are no more missions on the left side of the screen.just a guy who says to be patient. what do i do? i am afraid to uninstall, will i lose all of my progress and have to start over again? help!


Re:level 54

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Mar 20, 17 6:40 AM
Sorry, but there are no more updates. You're as far as you can go in the quests and story. That said, you can still advance as far as you want in levels and work towards achievements. Some achievements you can't get since there are no more updates. For example, the Exploration tab of the Achievements lists a goal of "Reach Level 6 in any HOP." The maximum you can get now is five and that will not change. You can advance in levels by completing HOS's. I am doing that now. I also create and use charms to multiply recovery time, experience points and coins awarded. I have also set personal goals like getting at least one of each star award for every HOS. Good Luck and have fun.

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