Level 35-gold time

[Post New]by luvsdachshunds on Mar 19, 17 5:40 PM
I keep trying this level and can't get gold time. No matter what I do, I can't get all the trees restored before that gold star drops out. Any ideas?

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Re:Level 35-gold time

[Post New]by PawPrinted on Mar 20, 17 8:50 AM
I got to the mill, built merrymakers house, sent him to the mill, and built the mine before upgrading the tent. Upgrade the mine, but not the quarry. Keep the merrymaker at the mill.

Start clearing roadblocks, focusing on rocks. You need them for the pit. Keep clearing, but give priority to collecting resources and building.

Fix the hive, build the firemans house, build the sorceress house. Don't upgrade either of them. As soon as she's ready, have her open the portal. Build the sawmill, and keep the merrymaker there.

You don't need stone, but you may need to collect food and/or crystals. You can ignore the thieves. Keep collecting wood while the sorceress revives trees.


Re:Level 35-gold time

[Post New]by luvsdachshunds on Mar 20, 17 5:54 PM
Thank you! I had to upgrade the tent before you did in order to make it in gold time, but by following your basic steps, I did it. Yay!

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