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Level 16 - Me too

[Post New]by dbplbp on Mar 20, 17 11:33 AM
Dear all,

18 March another person asked for help with level 16. I have the same problem, so I check several times a day to see if anybody has posted an answer, but so far nobody :-(

Somebody is asking about level 22, so at least one person has been able to solve and pass level 16.


Kind regards,


Re:Level 16 - Me too

[Post New]by therestar19 on Mar 21, 17 5:30 PM
Same here....do not know how to get past this level with only 3 hammers to use. Please fill us in, whoever past it!!


Re:Level 16 - Me too

[Post New]by rokapublish on Mar 22, 17 3:26 AM
Please go to the map und click on "levels". Start any level for few second and go back to the map. Now you can play level 16 again. I believe it's a problem with the save game and it "destroy" level 16.

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