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Cannot Activate Casebook Looking For Help!

[Post New]by Brooke_Lyn on Mar 22, 17 10:12 AM
No-one in tech support seems to get the problem I‘m having.. I’ve sent multiple requests for help with this and attached a Dr. Felix as requested. The responses I get I have already tried. I don't have any trouble logging into my account, I do it all the time. From the first game I ever purchased to the latest is in my purchase history and everything downloads and activates.. However, I can not and never have been able to "Activate" the PC game "CASEBOOK" I purchased here on 02/03/13. With every attempt I get error code 208 which does not apply!! In summation.. a) I bought "Casebook" from the BFG site.. b) I cannot activate "Casebook" I purchased from the BFG site.
Does anyone out there know what I could I really do? Thanks!

Update: I give up.. Nothing I was told to do helped so guess I'll never play it. Thank you BFG for the free game code though!

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