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Level 50

[Post New]by phuquemoi on Mar 22, 17 5:23 PM
I cab't form a star. Help

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Re:Level 50

[Post New]by FRHgames on Mar 22, 17 9:35 PM
1) Look at the Page 4 of the Help Book.
That's how the Star Combo ( match6 ) should look.
2) If you still can't make a Star, the alternative way for that level is to use rockets. But you'll really need a lot of them, but good news that before you use rockets you can remove at least few coins by using existing combos at the bottom. Then remove all coins and then next targets for the rockets will be chains.

However, try to get a Star.
Look for the Match5 combos similar to one you see in the book and try to change them to match 6 by manipulating adjacent tiles.

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