Level 33?

[Post New]by kaoticpoptartz on Mar 23, 17 11:21 AM
I seriously cannot understand what the actual challenge is? Are we supposed to guess what makeup she needs?

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Re:Level 33?

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Mar 24, 17 4:29 AM
The challenge states "Deliver makeup assets in right order to Vicki". So, it's basically a hidden object challenge. You need to find the items that Vicki (in the upper left hand corner) is saying she needs and deliver them to her.



Re:Level 33? Has a Bug

[Post New]by Wee_Yorkies on Mar 30, 17 10:11 AM
I see what the problem is, there is a bug in the software. I went to youtube and on the version they are playing you can see Vicki's item in the speech bubble. On my version There is No Speech bubble! I thought I was going crazy...


Re:Level 33?

[Post New]by Mudokwan on Apr 21, 17 11:37 PM
Did anyone get the speech bubble thing fixed? I don't have one either and I don't play the collector's edition but came here because more has been posted.

*Edit - I fixed mine by taking it full screen for that level

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Re:Level 33?

[Post New]by Seymour_Butz on Jun 23, 17 7:54 PM
I was having the same issue. But I always play full screen.

So I switched un-checked the full screen box, and that did the trick!

Edited on 06/23/2017 at 8:03:02 PM PST

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