level 13

[Post New]by NDSeamstress on Mar 24, 17 8:59 AM
I just can't seem to get it quick enough, I'm just shy of making it. There must be a better way then what I am trying to do. I am enjoying the game so far. I like the first game too.

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Re:level 13

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Mar 26, 17 10:52 AM
I have found that you will need a lot of stone and there is no quarry to build. Therefore, try to make your way to the top right to the chest of stone and grab the stone as soon as some is available.



Re:level 13

[Post New]by Gayeventer on Mar 27, 17 4:17 AM
Nothing I'm trying is working - I can barely get silver nevermind gold
my workers dont walk or work fast enough for me to get anywhere

Some new ideas please....someone?....anyone?

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Re:level 13

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Mar 30, 17 11:14 AM
Level 13 was another tight one for me. A few things:

1) I used only the Speed Up Bonus;
2) I clicked on the Gold Fish every time it surfaced;
3) I was careful not to click too far ahead. That is, if a worker completes a task and does not have to carry material back to Home, I would give him another nearby task. Workers do not have to return Home when they build a ladder, fill a hole, or gather a Key; and
4) I did not fill the hole or gather the stone and Gold Mound on the top left. I opened the Gate from the right.

Here is a method to achieve 3 Stars on Level 13 using the Speed Up Bonus:

- Gather a Food, a Wood, and a Stone; Upgrade to 2 Workers
- Gather materials to the Gold Mine picking up Food and Gold from the Chests as soon as they become available; Build a Level 1 Gold Mine.
- Build a Level 2 Saw Mill, a Level 2 Gold Mine, and open the path to the Stone Chest.
- Repair left lower Ladder and gather a key, build upper left Ladder, and gather gold from Storage shack.
- Gather bottom key and get a second load from the Gold shack.
- Repair upper left Ladder, fill hole, and gather Gold
- Gather upper Stone
- Fill Hole and open Gate


Re:level 13

[Post New]by maciaslm on Jul 15, 17 3:13 AM
there is no gold mine in level 13??? you must mean farm, right?

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