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7 items in 7 seconds?

[Post New]by Donna_Bella on Mar 25, 17 10:23 PM
I really did enjoy this game. I was able to get all the achievements except the "7 items in 7 seconds" because the HOP games require several steps with items that are to be found. Has anyone gotten this achievement? What HOP did you use to get it?i Frustrated that the HOPs of this game make such an achievement impossible.

UPDATE: as it turns out there were several opportunities. The best was one where 13 objects were seen while the rest required more than one step. So out of the 13, I was able to plan the 7 I was sure to be able to mouse click the quickest, moving from one to the next. I practiced moving the mouse to the objects in a particular, quick order, again and again until I felt comfortable I'd be able to do it automatically. I even timed myself so I could be sure it was possible to get the 7 I selected in 7 seconds. Then I went for it and, woo hoo, I got it. Yay!

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Re:7 items in 7 seconds?

[Post New]by BearCreekStables on Mar 26, 17 7:56 PM
Now that is what I call working hard for an achievement. Donna_Bella

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