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level 30

[Post New]by gemfreak on Mar 26, 17 9:33 PM
Same problem as others players with level 16, only this time, no matter how many times I play this level from the "levels" screen, the bubbles with the orange or red seahorses won't pop. The first two times I played the level, the last bubble wouldn't pop. Now, none of them pop. Can't pass the level. running Windows 8.1

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Re:level 30

[Post New]by Ker72 on Mar 28, 17 5:25 AM
Hi gemfreak,

the rokapublish team tested the level and it is okay. However, as it seems there might be something that causes this problem. The team is working on it very closely to fix it. In the meantime you may try out the following in order to pass the level:

Swap the modus and play the level by solely using the chain modus. This modus is more productive to connect 4 or more items as you may also play and connect diagonally. In addition, you have more chances of creating power ups which are very helpful as well.

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