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Level 26

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Mar 27, 17 7:24 AM
Someone asked about Level 26 on another thread. Here is a method to achieve 3 Stars using the +5 Bonus (twice):

- Pickup a Food, a Wood, and a Stone
- Upgrade to 2 Workers
- Start taking materials from the Stone and Wood Bin
- Build a Level 1 Farm and Sawmill
- Build a Level 2 Farm take Gold from Storage shed
- Build a Level 1 Gold Mine
- Build the Tent
- Kill a Scorpion
- Repair Ladder and pick up Food
- Kill 2 Scorpions
- Repair the Ladder and the Feed Trough

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Re:Level 26

[Post New]by JVC0119 on Mar 28, 17 4:09 PM
Thank you! I was spending too much time building things!
I found I had to upgrade the gold mine to Level 2, but otherwise your instructions worked perfectly with plenty of time to spare. No need to build the stone quarry!


Re:Level 26

[Post New]by HorseDancer1 on Apr 23, 17 10:27 AM
Thanks so much! FINALLY made it!

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