Vanishing monkey

[Post New]by Kacshaw on Mar 31, 17 8:41 PM
I picked the symbol for the toy monkey from the fountain and added it to the toy. The toy monkey vanished. I need the monkey to scare the bird away so I'm stuck. I also had a problem on the train, it keep telling me to go to the next town but I've already completed that step. Is there a fix for this game?
I tried to go to the help but I could not get it to connect

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Re:Vanishing monkey

[Post New]by mimsiedahling on May 21, 17 8:42 AM
When I first saw the monkey I thought it was for scaring away the pigeon (since in a previous situation you had to play a drum to scare a pigeon off of a ledge) but in this one, once you put the 2nd cymbal in the toy and it clashes them once, a piece of something, or a key (I don't remember which) falls from the cymbals and then the monkey toy does disappear. The way to scare away the bird is to throw the shoe at it. Look in your inventory to see if the object that fell from the monkey toy is there. Hope this helped.

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