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Similar games to Royal Trouble Honeymoon Havoc?

[Post New]by M7k2 on Apr 1, 17 12:09 PM
The thing I loved the most about this game was its lack of Hidden Object Games (where you find the items on a list given) and to a lesser extent, the lack of dark themes, murder and supernatural and witches as usual in BF games (well, it has element of magic in it but character in this is more like fairytale magician, not the blood and gore skulls and cemeteries dark magic-- I can tolerate that). Anyone know of other games like this, with no HOG but puzzle-filled?


Re:Similar games to Royal Trouble Honeymoon Havoc?

[Post New]by coffeemom2 on May 20, 17 12:03 PM
This is one of my favorite games and I am hoping that we might get a Royal Trouble 3. In the meantime, you might want to try Robin's Quest, a Legend Born. It's an oldie, and there are HOS, but it's really fun and not dark at all, with lots to do. Also, I enjoyed Grimville, the Gift of Darkness. It's quirky and interactive and not "dark" as the title would suggest. As a matter of fact, while waiting for a new Royal Trouble, I think I will replay that one.......

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