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game stops working

[Post New]by av73 on Apr 1, 17 12:56 PM
once i got to the point of finding all of the balls in the box and collect the item the only thing i can do is move the cursor around. I can not click on anything in the game including the menu to log quit the game. I have to exit the game via task manager and when i restart the game it stops at the same point again. Anyone else have this issue?????

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Re:game stops working

[Post New]by Lilac13 on Apr 19, 17 4:57 PM
happens to me too. I may start game over w/ new profile and see if that helps. if not, will get a refund/free game coupon from customer service. Am playing on Windows 8.

Edited to add: started over w/ new profile and no glitch, played thru to the end.

Edited on 04/19/2017 at 7:56:37 PM PST

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