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[Post New]by jasa3 on Apr 4, 17 4:27 PM
Hi all,

I play android and also PC. My PC game is fine, but my android game has all my friends there, but no wish lists for anyone! So I went into the rooms and the room that is mine is NOT mine but the last avatar I used is right! It is definitely someone else's room and also I get messages that none of my friends have rooms. This is just weird!! Anyone else have this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this problem?

My player name on android is Jas.


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[Post New]by Parrot11 on Apr 4, 17 4:37 PM
I am having the same issues (Android). I hope it gets fixed soon.

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[Post New]by BAPPLE on Apr 4, 17 5:25 PM
Same here. Thought it was storm related at first . Maybe a fix to the red icon will be forthcoming.

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[Post New]by riddler01 on Apr 4, 17 6:02 PM
Me too, friends are locked up, so I can't gift, and my wish list items were gone so I had to put items back up. Also I tried to go to my friends rooms, and it says they don't have a private room on each one I click on, whaaaaaat! I am going back to the game now, and see what's happening!


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[Post New]by pamkatz on Apr 4, 17 6:03 PM
Sweets, this is the glitch that iOS has.
You all need to change your wish list and tweak your private rooms.
Only five out of 779 are showing wish lists. =v=

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[Post New]by SilverFox47 on Apr 4, 17 6:25 PM
Same issue on my Android games. I think everyone needs to rebuild their wish list before they can be gifted. So may take a while until everyone's card will turn. Once wish lists are back up for friends we should be able to access all.

Just wonder if this had anything to do with the survey BF sent out to game?



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[Post New]by Susanna502 on Apr 5, 17 1:42 AM
Same here.
1. My wish list disappeared,
2. There was no arrow to gift any of my friends,
3. The only room l could access was for John

A. I reentered my wish list,
B. About 6 of my friends have arrows now,
C. A few rooms are open, but not the same friends as B.

I have restarted my phone several times. Doesn't seem to be the problem.

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[Post New]by aussie_Dot on Apr 5, 17 4:58 AM
Hi, DOTTY here!

I had the same issues. I did as pamkatz suggested. Thanks pamkatz & Silver Fox for your information.

I redid my wish list. I have approximately a third of my friends back now. I will probably get my other friends back when each of them enters their own wish list.

Same issue with the private room. I went in and changed a couple of pieces of furniture. Hopefully players can see my room now. Silver Fox & Susanna I can see your rooms. Let me know if you can/ can't see my room please! Several other friends rooms are now open. Riddler your room is not open yet. Jas, I saw "your room"??? It is the first room we got (done out for the sorcerer - was called Creepy Cave). Is this your room or is this the room you refer to in your post?

Hoping these issues get cleared up soon.

Edited to add: Just checked my game and my first gifts for today have just shown up. So doing your wish list works. Hurray!

Edited on 04/05/2017 at 5:01:08 AM PST

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[Post New]by kthreads on Apr 5, 17 6:17 AM
My wishlist disappeared yesterday so I put it back up. I was only able to gift a few friends. No one had their private rooms available. This morning I changed my wishlist again, and I tweaked my private room. Still can only gift a very few of my friends and only have 4 friends that I'm able to access their private rooms.

Having this happen when I'm trying to get ready for movers to come 4/19 to move from our apt to our new-to-us home is really bad timing... I'm really hustling to get in and get my gifting done as it is.

under android, I am playing as jdmorgan, Jannie and jd.
My PC games are fine.

Edited on 04/05/2017 at 9:15:12 AM PST


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[Post New]by ReallyHelpless on Apr 5, 17 6:56 AM
My android games have the same problem. Wonky wish list!


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[Post New]by Barbylister on Apr 5, 17 2:48 PM
I play on pc and all my friends have totally disappeared and I had quite a few


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[Post New]by lanky46musician on Apr 5, 17 7:58 PM
Hi Barbylister,

Shut down your game and reopen it to see if this will work. If that doesn't work uninstall and reinstall it. If that doesn't work, check with CS. Answer all the automatic texts or they will think your problem is fixed. Eventually a real tech will answer your text.


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