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are there any other games by this developer? :)

[Post New]by kaitlinn on Apr 4, 17 6:43 PM
This game has some tech issues, but it is so unique, I can't just quit. It's almost like watching nature shows that are so horrifying, but you just can't stop looking. I really hope the developers make an effort to work out the bugs, because I would play other games like this again. The glitches are frustrating, but I love the challenge of having to figure out the gameplay on your own.

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Re:are there any other games by this developer? :)

[Post New]by kgustavson on Apr 5, 17 12:55 AM
My goodness, why would you want them, lol. This game is an abomination to all other adventure games ever made (and yes, I bought it and am seriously regretting it). Microids have always made rather terrible games, and this one does not disappoint. While I do give them a "huzzah" for trying an adventure game, this one pretty much stinks for many reasons.

But I do know my stuff and if you're new to this wonderful genre, check out "Facility 47", "Violett" (puzzle-adventure), "Adam Wolfe" (adventure-lite), "Fire", "Royal Trouble (adventure-lite as well but rather funny and totally enjoyable), "City of Fools" (unique, totally; there is no genre for this one!), and any of the "Drawn" games although I am partial to the first and 3rd ones. For other adventures, look into the "Deponia" series which is sadly not offered on BF. For really wonderful adventure, anything by Benoit Sokal (Siberia for example) is fantastic but is sadly now rather dated.

Glad you enjoyed this tedious game but really hope you find some better stuff out there!!!


Re:are there any other games by this developer? :)

[Post New]by Dragonfish89 on Apr 29, 17 7:37 PM
Hi kaitlinn, I too love this game and have just completed. I fortunately didn't have any glitches and all seemed to run smoothly. Loved the pace the puzzles and the story.

I've been playing Adventure Games for some years now (Myst was my first) and this game was a good combination of Adventure and Hidden Object.
I also would recommend Facility 47, Violette, Adam Wolfe x 2 and the Drawn series.
I haven't played the others that kgustavson mentioned.

You might also like Shaban and Steel LIFE as they are also a little different.

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