Wishlist and Room Problem on Android

[Post New]by JannaMcCastles on Apr 4, 17 11:54 PM
On all my castles most of my friends have their wishlist not showing.
All of them included mine are now in order at the end of list after the little few with showing list.
After l put up my wishlist again and went into my next game it is showing now with wishlist in the front of my list.
Like this now all of my games are showing.
BUT this has no effect on the rooms.
I cannot enter mine and also not of friends with wishlist up.
To get the box l had to go in and out several times at John.
Hope this will be fixed soon.

Add - Thanks for the tip to enter room.
Entered my room, switched to change things, circled an item and left
out of the game. Entered an other of my games to check and
BINGO it worked.
Going to enter now each of my games to circle an item to get them
all to be possible to enter by friends, thanks again.

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Re:Wishlist and Room Problem on Android

[Post New]by HennyMarie on Apr 5, 17 1:15 AM
Ios players had that problem some time ago.. you can only do what you did.

Go to your private room and open to change something.. that will activate it.. when we had it we could not open each others rooms till we did fiddle with it a bit.
At the end the devs send a message by the ingame postman.

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