jewel quest the sapphire dragon path to santorini

[Post New]by misslynnjo on Apr 6, 17 2:33 PM
I cannot clear the #3 evasion board. Have tried all the different characters and even put it on relaxed mode. Does anyone have the secret>

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Re:jewel quest the sapphire dragon path to santorini

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Apr 6, 17 3:37 PM
Welcome to the pond!

I know I'd posted about this a couple years ago but I don't know which thread(s) it's in now. Haven't played in ages but I think this is the one that has 2 holes in the center which shortens the "top" a whole lot, so there's not much room for the enemy jewels to move before you forfeit the board, because if they touch the hole that's considered a forfeit for reaching the "top". You have to work fast (sorry) and get the hero jewels to come down the narrow columns on the sides so you can get your evade moves. If you play Solomon and use the reshuffle powerup it automatically sends all the enemy jewels back to the bottom. So it's a combination of using the reshuffle and the evade moves where you space them out just right while working on the spaces closest to the bottom first then working your way up. The top spaces will typically mostly do themselves in the cascades, but pay attention to the spots around the holes since they go empty and a few of the spots in the top corners since those are hard to reach.

It's a lot to think about I know, but it is doable. Good luck!

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