Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by kugelfisch79 on Apr 7, 17 9:31 AM
Need help please...can't even come close to gold on this one!

Any advice?!

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Re:Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by khendrick1 on Apr 7, 17 8:02 PM
I've come to realize that many of these levels just can't be possible in gold time. The best I've done on this level is silver in 3 min 55 seconds.

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Re:Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by goldfan on Apr 28, 17 12:03 AM
How did you 'dispatch' the brigs?

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Re:Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by Amari on May 3, 17 3:15 PM
To dispatch you simply drag them to the bottom of the screen to go treasure hunting.
A bubble should appear at the bottom showing you how many sailors it costs for this action. Then let go of the ship.

It will return and give you money, then you dispatch again

You can only dispatch a ship once it has been armed.

I have gotten gold on all levels so far. I havent finished the game yet I am about 3/4 through. It is very challenging but enjoyable.


Re:Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Jul 10, 17 8:43 PM
Cannot seem to dispatch enough ships in time on this one either


Re:Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by Catherine_53 on Jul 17, 17 1:03 PM
I finally got gold! It took dozens of tries because it depends on how many cargos and brigs the game gives you, which is luck. The key is to update the sails on the brigs; they will return faster when dispatched!

I started by selling one cargo and dispatching the other while at the same time destroying the far left and far right sailmakers. Replace the far right side one with a Wreck yard (the men get there faster). Buy wood and repair one damaged cargo to dispatch with the other, destroy the other. Build an Armoury at the empty pier when needed. I ignored the other kinds of ships, declining purchase to move the line along. Purchase enough brigs to get 5 brigs, at least 4 with updated sales, while at the same time buying cargos to destroy as money is available. Also buy at least 5 more sailors! Good luck.


Re:Witch Island - Stage 6

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Jul 17, 17 2:51 PM
I had to play this level over and over again also and it was because it matters what ships they send you and when. You have to randomly get the right ships at the right time. I sold the first two cargos and destroyed the other two and bought brigs as soon as I can. The better shape the brig is in, the less you have to do before you can start dispatching it. You need to get 4 brigs right away and add a fifth before the bird tells you your gold time is almost up. Then you buy every cargo that comes along and destroy it.

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