Cooking Quest

[Post New]by rhonamct on Apr 9, 17 12:35 AM
I cannot get past level one on this game. I am currently on 4 & half stars for each of the 6 restaurants & just cannot reach 5 stars regardless of how quickly I find each item & how quick I prepare the meal. I am assuming that I need to get 5 stars for each restaurant before I can move to the next level? Very frustrating & the game is now becoming extremely boring. Can anyone help?

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Re:Cooking Quest

[Post New]by Baabs on Sep 30, 17 1:33 AM
There ISN'T a second level ! Had I known there was ONLY 6 restaurants, I would have never wasted a credit ! Also, if you purchase the most expensive item in ea of the categories, you'll get 41/2 stars. Apparently, after reading this forum (WHICH IS NOW LOCKED!), no one gets 5 stars !

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