Level 40 only 2 stars

[Post New]by glowy767 on Apr 9, 17 3:06 PM
I love the Delicious Emily games and I always play expert and enjoy the challenge. BUT...level 40 of Maggie's Movies is really frustrating me. I am always (at the best) $20 short of 3 stars even when I make sure all parties of less than 4 sit at the 2 lower tables to get the gift bags,..,any tips about which combos to pay extra special attention to? Or any one out there have a tip for this level? I have been playing level 40 for 3 days now.

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Re:Level 40 only 2 stars

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Apr 11, 17 4:33 AM
For this level, you don't need to care about chaining or combos. So as soon as a customer needs something, serve them as quickly as possible. Check them out at the register as soon as they get there and clear the table quickly for the next set of customers. You do not want them to get below 5 hearts, so you will need to serve them in the order as they come in. Select menu items that give you the maximum dollar amount so that you can reach the 3 stars. Towards the end, make sure you have the maximum amount of kabobs ready so you can get those extra points for full stock.



Re:Level 40 only 2 stars

[Post New]by rorgan on Apr 25, 17 12:50 PM
Dont worry about chaining EXCEPT for the cleaning of the tables. Keep the top right one dirty if you can to ensure that groups of less than 4 use the other tables so that you can utilise entertainment bonus, if a group of four come in and are waitin for a table clean the top right one immediately but then keep it dirty again for the same reason.
Keep everyone at 5 starts
Dont cash the last customer out until you have cleaned all three tables in a chain.
this gave me the exact amount to get 3 stars!

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Re:Level 40 only 2 stars

[Post New]by TMGamer99 on May 19, 17 3:19 AM
Thanks for the help on this level. Finally finished it with 3 stars.

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