Lazy Panda?

[Post New]by Navelringz on Apr 10, 17 5:47 PM
I rescued the panda and he's sitting in his place in the corner, but when I click to send him up to get the plank, I get neither the paw in the magnifier nor does he climb up. If I click him he just chuckles. I am playing a second time without having had any issue on the first round, some time ago.

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Re:Lazy Panda?

[Post New]by jaldeer on Aug 19, 17 12:47 AM
I know you posted this 4 months ago, and you probably won't see my response, but, I was just now getting around to playing the rest of the Whispered Secret games. I had only played the sixth one. Yes, I noticed that too. I tried replaying my same profile also and the red panda wouldn't get that plank. Looks like the only way is to do a new profile each time you want to play.

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