'Extras' Level 57 is impossible

[Post New]by CheerfulDragon8 on Apr 14, 10 3:09 PM
I've been playing the 'Extras' levels and I've done most of them. Level 57 seems to be impossible, though. There's a tall stack of tiles rising above the others and the topmost tile is greyed out, indicating that the tile isn't available. (I have the 'Show free tiles' thing checked, to make sure the tile is free.) There are no tiles around it to block it, so you should be able to take that tile. If you're lucky, you have two matches available at the start of this level. Once you make those matches you can shuffle or restart. If you shuffle, you don't get any more moves. I've sat pressing 'Shuffle' over and over and the top tile isn't available and there aren't any moves.

I've given up on this level. I'll do all the other levels, assuming none of those have impossible layouts. Don't know what's going on with this one.

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Re:'Extras' Level 57 is impossible

[Post New]by Pokerlover on Aug 2, 11 5:52 PM
I am also having the same problems on lev el 57. Is anyone trying to fix it?!?!?!

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