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[Post New]by ShirlsWhirls on Apr 21, 17 7:36 PM
I can't seem to get this one, I don't feel I am making the same thing but I get xed anyway what am I missing? Please and thank you

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by gojojogo on Apr 22, 17 5:17 AM
The same thing in a row applies to a new tray, so if the last customer you have served leaves you with an empty tray, you must still not make the same thing you last made. The easiest way to do this is use something like the peach. If the last thing you selected is always the same, it is easier to remember. Also if a customer asks for two bottles of white wine, for example, then pick up the peach inbetween, and bin it when you have the second bottle.
One other thing - for the items that require cooking, such as the pizza, it only counts when it is cooked and on your tray.

Not sure i have explained it very well.....

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