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Can't pick up the tongs to put the crystal holder in water,,,

[Post New]by blackbirdess on Apr 22, 17 9:27 AM
Hi All,
I have looked through all 64 pages of help on this forum and seen that a few people were having the same problems as me, I have put the crystal holder in the fire, picked it up with the tongs and put it on the anvil. I've hit it with the hammer and put the hammer back but then I can't pick the tongs back up.
I've read every help topic possible, I've tried right clicking everywhere, and left clicking everywhere, but nothing!

I also found that it did the same sort of thing when Jep came out from the tunnel in the turbine, he spoke to Mina who said 'what's up' but then he couldn't talk, or get picked up!

The game isn't frozen as it's still making sound and showing video, but I've had to close the game and reopen so many times.

Please help! If starting a new game and playing again works I'll do it, but don't want to play through the whole game just to find nothing works!

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