help for people

[Post New]by beskrajnost on Oct 18, 08 8:13 PM
game has no ending, which is stupid
now first office is 100.000, second 200.000 third 500.000, fourth is 700.000 and fifth is 1500.000

anyways flat shoes are shoes without heals
to make more money buy models they make more profit.
you should always read if you have dress short then put some sandals if not mention, or long dress in winter with boots.


Re:help for people

[Post New]by joettag32 on Nov 4, 08 5:06 AM
Are you sure you can get the fourth office at 700,000?.. i Have all the past objectives met and am in 3rd and have 767,000 AND the fourth office is still dark....


Re:help for people

[Post New]by moore807 on Jun 23, 10 6:15 AM
So I have to have 200,000 in order to purchase the second office? Good to know.

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