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Addictive game

[Post New]by owlgirl61 on Apr 16, 10 9:50 AM
I love this game. There are three different modes of play - relaxed, timed and challenge - where you take alternative matches with a wizard.

In the untimed mode there are about 75 levels. When you've finished those you start again at the beginning at a slighter harder level. When that's finished there's yet another level. This is as far as I've got so I don't know if there are any more levels after this. Each level is harder as the timer runs out more quickly. You can't actually lose the game, because if you fail the level you just have to keep replaying it.

It's all very addictive!

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Re:Addictive game

[Post New]by Pat_ric_ia on Mar 26, 11 4:19 PM
Thanks Owlgirl61, I was just thinking the same as you! This game is VERY addictive and I was only playing at the easiest level. There came a time when I thought that it was more suitable for my 7 year old granddaughter but I still couldn't stop playing! I wanted to see the rest of the village and what came next. As for buying the game? Well, I think I may just go ahead and do that because it is so relaxing. As you have said Owlgirl61, there are different levels, which is appealing if I fancy a bit of a challenge, so I think it's a buy for me.
Isn't it great to browse through the games and find an old one which is just as much fun as a new one? I love it!
All good wishes, Pat_ric_ia x

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