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Big City Adventure: Rome

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on May 1, 17 12:29 AM
The latest chapter in the hit hidden object series is finally here, and all roads lead to Rome! With thousands of years of art, history, and culture to experience, Rome is the perfect place to explore. Take in its many ancient wonders and marvel at a myriad of priceless artifacts. Rome is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned travelers. Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around historic sites, plus play a bunch of fun mini-games along the way. Collect 60 postcards containing fascinating and obscure facts about Rome and its history, plus earn 60 cool mementos from the amazing scenes you'll visit. 120 rounds of hidden object and mini-game fun! Start your trip of a lifetime today.

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Re:Big City Adventure: Rome

[Post New]by cal711 on May 2, 17 5:20 AM
FINALLY a new BCA game!! I've been checking the "New Releases" page every day and even e-mailed Jolly Bear Games 3 times (but never got a response). I was worried that they'd discontinued the series but I'm so glad I was wrong. I just installed the game but haven't started playing it yet. I can't believe how thrilled I am to have a new non-inventory type of game to play. I prefer these "simpler" games because they're just more enjoyable for me. Okay, now I'm going to go play it.

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