Stuck on level 74!

[Post New]by HorseDancer1 on May 1, 17 11:59 AM
This level has two areas, the top where you can match and a bottom strip that keeps filling up with bricks. I keep trying to get column blasts in the top area to take the bricks out, but it just fills right back up.

I saw that some of you have finished, so there must be a way to get through this level?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re:Stuck on level 74!

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on May 1, 17 1:23 PM
Either use the trowel to get rid of the one stone at the bottom right away, or hit it with the autumn leaves. I used the leaves on this board (which makes it much easier as long as you set up the leaves to shoot vertically) and then made M4s for column clearers to get the spaces at the bottom.

If you can get a bomb + super snail which also clears three rows/columns in a cross shape or a flower bouquet + super snail for random explosions everywhere it really helps for getting into the rest of those singleton spaces. If there is some stubborn space(s) that won't go away at the bottom, use the trowel on them.

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Re:Stuck on level 74!

[Post New]by HorseDancer1 on May 1, 17 4:05 PM
Thanks! I don't have those power-ups. Maybe I can go back and re-play some other levels to get them.

WOW got it! Key was getting rid of the stone while there was only one!

Thanks again!!!

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Re:Stuck on level 74!

[Post New]by 1234leeroy on May 2, 17 2:46 PM
What i did to start new game is uninstall, then go to c:\user\<yourlogonaccount>\appdata\roaming. Find the prettysnail directory, select, cut and move somewhere else if you ever want game at same level or click delete. There should now be no directory in this area. Reinstall game and it will start from the beginning now

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