Missing Items that I discovered keep disappearing from my inventory

[Post New]by Kymerah on May 2, 17 9:50 AM
Why do the items I discovered in this game keep disappearing from my inventory? Every time I go to use them they are not there.

I am really new to this game and have started it several times but each time I get past finding the crystals and putting them in their ceiling and the one on the floor, clean them off and they activate, I begin having difficulty finding the items I need when I need them.

Once the ropes were gone and could not be put on the caldron so I had to begin again.. The next time through the ropes remained but the cauldron would not turn over. So again restarted the game. Still could not turn the cauldron over and then in the chamber with the three statues, even though I discovered everything, the middle statue would not turn sideways so I could go into the burial chamber.I checked the walk-through which I discovered by accident so I know I have done everything I can to reach these points and the items should be there but they aren't. Even the bowl and the ingredients cannot be kept together, I either have the bowl and no ingredients or I have the charcoal and nothing else.

Unrelated to the topic, I really, really wish I could turn of the "this does not fit" as it is aggravating to keep hearing it when you are trying to get something to work, Is there a way to deactivate this feature?

What am I not doing or seeing that this keeps occurring. I cannot seem to get through Emily to Francis. I get all the way through the parents.

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