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The Witch

[Post New]by glca on May 4, 17 10:33 AM
So I found this thread from August, 2016, the month we started the world of RoM

I haven't found it in wiki yet, I found the witch room which I've learned is not the same. Anybody have any luck finding it wiki?

Looks like quite a few players had some difficulties searching this room.

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Re:The Witch

[Post New]by marliza on May 5, 17 5:24 AM
I don't believe you will find it in Wiki. This is only the second time it's been offered. So the thread you found in the forum is the only info, so far.
Thanks for finding that. I couldn't find it myself when I searched. Great job! Thanks!

I had a hard time copying the link, so here is some info in case anyone needs it. (The old thread is locked.)

You'll need to have open:

Bellows Manor
Time of Knights.

EXPEDITION INFORMATION - 2 hours to feed 26,000.
Room open for 4 hours.

Chest - per Elianchen

The chest contains:

120 silver tarra cards
80 gold tarra cards
8 strawberry jam
2 sedative pulverizer
7 paranormal trap
7 crystal harp
7 watch bells
5 phase watch
7 azure grapes
10 solar lamp
15 hammer of thor
7 coconut milk
5 dragon coin
5 magnifying glass
5 fiery seal
7 old amphora
5 latin scroll
1 sulphur crystal, comet in retort, blue energy, electric charge, power of ligthnings, squid ink, tome of absolute power, magnetic whirlwind, mezzaluna knife, eau-de-cologne, green fowl-grass, tungsten thread, gloomy dungeons (stamp, mark, whatever)

20000 gold coin
15 crystal gem
2000 xp

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