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Shutter Island - Ward C and Peter Breene

[Post New]by ember89 on Apr 16, 10 8:32 PM
On the 2nd floor, Teddy heads to Breene's room to look for clues.
SHOELACES - tangled in floor by wheel of wheelbarrow, left
POCKETWATCH - halfway down left side of corridor, by iron
BROKEN GLASS - by drill and by steel box on left side of corridor, by tuba and by hat on right side of corridor
HYPODERMIC NEEDLE - to right of green door by stairs
SURGICAL SAW - under table, rear center
MATCHBOX - in wheelbarrow, left

"Use" keys to enter Breene's cell.
METAL FILE - in cell door above lock
SPARK PLUG - on left end of archway above door
RUBBER GLOVE - top right of cell grate
CLAMP - right side of cell grate
PLIERS - top left of cell grate
RAZOR BLADE - on bed roll on pallet
MALLET - leaning against pallet near fan
EYEGLASSES - on satchel under pallet

NOTEBOOK - on floor to left of chair
1. behind painting above pallet
2. under cigar box on pallet
3. under pallet left of satchel
4. on pallet under radio
5. under pallet to right of satchel
6. under bowl near cell door

Breene is afraid of rats; the scratching of pencils reminds him of their clawing. In the hall, the lights begin to flicker. Time to visit the generator again...
First floor:
SHOE - on generator, bottom right
TELEPHONE - behind ladder, left rear
CHISEL - on floor behind table/camera
COMPASS - on floor by shovel head
EYEGLASSES - on generator, right of junction box
ROPE - in pile by shovel head

FLASHLIGHT - on top of junction box
BATTERIES - behind tall 'bucket' on right side of corridor, on generator far right by lighter

The lights go out and screams echo through the ward. Teddy uses the flashlight to head into the basement.
1. on top of junction box
2. directly beneath [1] at bottom of screen
3. in center of floor by rocking chair
4. by welding mask, far right
CROWBAR - right wall by welding mask

"Use" crowbar on door to generator room.
SATCHEL - right center, under red valve
STAR - top center, left of pipe
ORNATE JAR - bottom center, above black hose
BRONZE URN - top center, on top of switchbox
CORKSCREW - left of black hose, on trash pail
PERFUME BOTTLE - *green* near center of scene on generator
RED HOSE - in switches of generator
ARMY HELMET - far right, top of junction box

GAS CAN - bottom, to left of black hose
WRENCH - left of red valve

"Use" both on switches [blue].

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