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level 56

[Post New]by chapmana3 on May 5, 17 2:48 AM
HELP I cannot get through this level getting very frustrated

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Re:level 56

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on May 5, 17 5:28 AM
If you can't kill the 3 flowers (yes they're pretty but get rid of them anyway) right off with matches at the beginning, pick the ice cream and use it to blast out the center part to clear the flowers first. Then work on getting some of the grass out of the way. If you're low on gold go back to level 45 and start replaying it. You have to replay it at least twice before you start getting another 30 gold every time and you don't have to actually play the whole board through. I would just make the first 1 or 2 moves and then click restart and it would give me the gold each time.

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