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Shutter Island - Breene apprehended, Teddy - ???

[Post New]by ember89 on Apr 16, 10 8:43 PM
When Teddy gets the system up and running, he transmits scratching noises over the PA using the pencils he's collected. Breene surfaces in a panic. As he and Teddy argue about whether Teddy will ever leave, a guard shows up and relays to Teddy that he's to return to Dr. Cawley's office.

Outside the mansion, Dr. Naehring confronts Teddy and urges him to come back to the hospital with him. Teddy asks the doctor to give him a moment and then makes a break for it.
At the gates:
1. top of wall, far left
2. at foot of left gate post
3. on top of gate, left
4. at foot of right gate post
5. on shingles of right gate post
6. on top of wall, far right by cat

"Use" stones on gate and escape to shoreline.

Teddy feels he needs to find a place to hide and get his thoughts together. He spots a "Cave" in the cliffside and heads for it.

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