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I found how you can find missed clovers

[Post New]by Majestyx12 on May 5, 17 6:54 PM
I have a Windows 10- PC. This game will let you find them before the end of the game. Just click on the left corner where the suitcase is. It will have 4 symbols.( ? is for guide.) don't use that one. the end symbol is a clover click on that and it will have a board with your part filled in clovers, click on the empty spaces and if you can find it now it will bring you to that scene to find your missing clover. It will also have your mini statues. You won't be able to find ones that you haven't come to yet.
-If you need to find them after the main game. Go to bonus. Click on achievements. Click on leaf with clover. You will see a board with your collected clover and your missing spaces. Click on your missing space and it will bring you to the scene where you need to find it. When you find it, it will be filled in.

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