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Bonus Level 10

[Post New]by wxman77477 on May 6, 17 8:41 AM
Bonus Level 10

- Gather the first 3 piles and upgrade to 2 Workers
- Start working toward the Gold Mine and two Food Carts as well as the repeating Wood pad
- Start the “Work Faster” Bonus
- Build Level 3 Gold Mine
- Start using the “faster Resources” Bonus
- Upgrade House to 4 Workers
- Work toward remaining repeating pads and Mana Well
- Start Mana Well upgrades (to Level 4)
- Work toward Stone Cart, Wizards Hut, Hunters Hut and end of all paths (except Bridge
- Make a couple of trades for Stone with Merchant
- After Mana Well if fully upgraded, build Level 2 Wizards Hut
- Clear Ice Golems and build Level 1 Hunters Hut
- Clear Trap in front of Bridge and upgrade Hunters Hut to Level 2
- Clear Wolfs and Dragons
- Build Knights Hut to Level 2 (stop gathering Wood)
- Build Bridge (stop gathering Stone)
- Pick up Medal pieces
- Clear path to Shadow
- Clear Shadow

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