Broken Butterfly key never fixed

[Post New]by smilingsun72 on May 6, 17 7:54 PM
I bought this game a couple days ago. Was totally delighted by the story. But found a problem. The butterfly key was bugged near the end of the game. I came to the forum to find an answer to this but and found in the comments that this has never been fixed. On top of all this I found all the comment sections locked, which I found very odd. I had to start a new comment section. Well, since something the developer and Big Fish do not want to address I guess I shall delete the game. I can say lately I haven't been impressed with the game of BF anyways. So, this game was a nice change but now I'm really disappointed. I know for sure know I probably won't be buying many games anymore because I don't care for what BF has to offer lately.


Re:Broken Butterfly key never fixed

[Post New]by Razorhorn on Jun 15, 17 2:43 AM
I am having this problem too. The first time playing through everything was fine. I wanted to get those last couple achievements (coin game, no hints or skipping) so I created a second profile and played again. Got to the Crooked House and... you guessed it, no jewel.

This bug was first reported in 2013. 13. Four YEARS ago.

Blue Tea, you're better than this. What gives?

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