remote sensor

[Post New]by gooberfred on May 7, 17 8:15 AM
Can anybody tell me where I can find the remote sensor for the machine in the garage? I have been all over the map and the hint tells me that there is nothing to do in any of the areas I can visit. Help!!

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Re:remote sensor

[Post New]by HeatherDay on May 7, 17 12:07 PM
Hi gooberfred,
You may have already found it and/or figured out there is a Strategy Guide with this game.
I only played the demo so no, I don't know where the item is you are looking for. Good luck and happy gaming!


Re:remote sensor

[Post New]by jsjones712 on May 19, 17 7:22 PM
I am also having trouble here. All sites say "nothing to be done here" . Can't do anything. I need the sensor too.

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