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Shutter Island - The Cave

[Post New]by ember89 on Apr 17, 10 9:06 AM
When Teddy finds the cave, there is a woman inside. She wants to know who he is.
After *showing* her his badge, she offers to fix them both something to eat if he will gather the supplies.
POT - behind the large cable spool, left side
PLATE X 2 - on left side of cave mouth behind crate, behind large cable spool to right of bucket
CAN OPENER - in right side of cave mouth
CAN X 3 - left side of cave mouth behind crate, behind cable spool to right of buckt, to right of gear

Teddy asks if she is a patient, but she will only answer his questions if he answers her riddles:
"SNAKE" - on top right cave wall to left of starfish
"CRUCIFIX" - on cave floor to left of wheel
"MOON" - bright spot in sky
"SPIDER" - top right of cave mouth

"I know that they're after you," she tells him, and then explains that she used to be a doctor at the facility. When she mentions the radical experiments being conducted, Teddy automatically flashes on the Lighthouse and another migraine hits. The woman tells Teddy to sleep and he dreams...
Mansion Interior:
PILL BOTTLE X 3 - behind potted plant, lower left; under rear table; in niche above fireplace, far right
SURGICAL SAW - on floor in front of fireplace
LEG RESTRAINTS - on floor near clock and satchel, lower left
BILLY CLUB - leaning on left side of winged chair
ICE PICK - in crown molding above floor lamp, far left

Delores appears - "Why are you still here?" Teddy believes, however, that Chuck and Laeddis are in the lighthouse and he must find them. When he awakes, the woman is gone, but the migraine is still with him. He ventures outside, then to the lighthouse. Inside, he calls out: Chuck! Laeddis! His migraine threatens to incapacitate him, his vision becomes spotty, and voices are howling... "No. Not now."
It's too late for Teddy. They know he's there. Dr. Naehring asks, "Going somewhere, Marshal?" Dr. Cawley offers, "We'll take care of you." Then back to the hospital and Teddy goes into a cell - the game closes.

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Re:Shutter Island - The Cave

[Post New]by wildone667 on May 1, 10 6:04 PM
my game didn't end with him going back to his cell or I wouldn't of wondered what was going on. mine just ended at the lighthouse with me going wtf...

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