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DOD 5/9/2017

[Post New]by dollyflower on May 9, 17 9:28 AM
Why is this game offered again with the tech problems not corrected?????

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Re:DOD 5/9/2017

[Post New]by Jorie10 on May 9, 17 12:24 PM
I thought the same thing!

I decided to test the game and ended up buying it. I have run into two Access Violation issues (game froze), but have been able to start the game again and continue to play.

I bought the game because of all the rooms and areas to explore. There are so many! I really like exploring a house and this one has interesting rooms. I also like that the game is challenging. More like the games from years ago.

Some of the puzzles have been thought provoking, but it feels good to conquer them. (At some point, I realized that clicking on the Swan and/or reading the diary gives info about the puzzles.) Thankfully, Skip has worked for the types of puzzles I dislike, such as sliding tiles.

Not a fan of the dark smoke/match the runes, but only having to match 3 each time is bearable.

This game does want you to do things in a particular order. So, if you cannot use an item yet, come back to it later.

I've not yet finished the game, but I am very glad I bought it. It's actually going to go on my Play Again list even if I run into the Ballerina puzzle that so many people reported as having a glitch.

I would label this a 'Gem' of a game despite its flaws. That's why I decided to revisit the forum and post. Well worth the Daily Deal cost, in my opinion.

I am probably 3 hours into the game. Maybe more. Haven't wanted to take a break.

Here's hoping I can complete the game!

Running Windows 10

Ran into the issue with Red Chair/Ballerina HOP. Could not collect the ballerina without the screen freezing (no Menu/no Inventory displayed). Tried 3 times. Finally just Skipped it when it came to collecting the ballerina candle. Have been able to continue from there.

Finished the game! Will definitely re-play this in the future and try to avoid the known glitches. There was a lot of good info in the forum that helped a lot.

It definitely became a personal challenge to finish this game in spite of its issues.

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Re:DOD 5/9/2017

[Post New]by gillydi53 on May 15, 17 4:28 AM
I bought this game as a DD and also hit glitches . Some righted themselves but in the last area I cannot progress as the game has frozen . Not happy . As the last 2 posts state , not good big fish .

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