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Love it!

[Post New]by murph127 on May 10, 17 3:45 PM
Thank you, Jolly Bear. I've played it three times already.


Re:Love it!

[Post New]by natchamatter on May 16, 17 7:33 PM
I love this game but I seem to be stuck on the gear puzzle at round 55. I am not using hints can anyone give me some insight as to how to get this puzzle finished?

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Re:Love it!

[Post New]by cal711 on May 17, 17 6:15 AM
I can give you the solution for the gear puzzle in Round 55. Hopefully you'll be able to understand what I'm talking about.

There are 4 pegs that won't be used in this round: the two to the right of the starting gear, the one at the top middle of the board, and the one in about the middle of the board toward the right.

Here's how to place the gears to solve the puzzle, beginning at the starting gear at the bottom left:

1) a medium-sized brown one
2) a small olive one
3) a large green one
4) a medium-sized gray one
5) the biggest orange one
6) a small olive one
7) another small olive one
8) a medium-sized brown one
9) a small olive one
10) a medium-sized gray one

Like I said, I hope you understand the colors and sizes I've used. Good luck!

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