Bonus Level 29

[Post New]by 1969sharpie on May 12, 17 8:41 AM
Can not do this level without failing!! I believe i'm doing it correctly but as soon as i reach a 1000 points it says I have failed. Is there a glitch or am I doing something wrong? So frustrating!!!


Re:Bonus Level 29

[Post New]by borrowt on May 20, 17 7:16 PM
I'm having problems on bonus 19 & 30.
19-can't get to the eggs fast enough, can't see the eggs to get to them....what's going on?.
30-I try serving 1 at a time, I changed the food to the ones before the upgrade......getting very frustrated. When serving 2 at one table, I tried serving one at a time. There is no common factor as to why I fail !!!! HELP PLEASE!
I'M GIVING UP ON THIS ONE. Maybe I'll try again at a later date.

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Re:Bonus Level 29

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jun 22, 17 3:35 PM
Level 29 you just can't spill the beer or urn anything you grill. If you do that you should pass.


Re:Bonus Level 29

[Post New]by CherylParker on Jun 22, 17 3:45 PM
For level 30 you have to not only not burn or spill anything you have to keep the customers happy. And not have any extra products in your tray. Try helping one customer at a time and make sure you give them their full orders. Don't wait to cash 3 people out at once. Try to fill orders as they come in. Took me a couple tries. But I finally got it.
For level 19 look at thread for level 19.

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