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chasing chocolate

[Post New]by sara1968 on Oct 19, 08 3:30 AM

Is anyone else trying to beat this game?

I am stuck on level 58.

i absolutely think these last 4 levels have been the hardest.

My biggest desire is to be this chase.

so what have you been doing do get where you are?

My tips, are taking breaks, like a day or 2 breaks. I also go back and replay levels to get me ready for my biggest challenge with the level I am trying to pass. I don't purchase no decorations. I buy only the things that will help me to get to my goal quicker.

I am taking a level a day at a time, if you know what I mean. Once I have a break through I try the next the level but it seems to be tougher than the one I just beat. So now I am taking a break, so I get ready for level 58. The way I am going it will probably take me another week or so to finish the last 3 levels. LOL

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