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Quest For upgrade

[Post New]by pasthymes1 on May 18, 17 3:34 AM
I am in the middle of Festival challeng. A quest says uprade Castle decor (Garden decor). I can't find anything that says that. Help please !!!!!!!!

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Re:Quest For upgrade

[Post New]by bunbury5 on May 18, 17 11:05 AM
in your castle scene, you will have different items you can upgrade, for example the fountain. if you click on the fountain, it gives you different levels of that item that you can buy with coins/gems acquired in the game, it might tell you which of those it wants or simply to "upgrade an item in the garden". if it wants a specific upgrade you keep upgrading till you reach that one

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Re:Quest For upgrade

[Post New]by Linzsocal on Jun 26, 17 7:24 PM
This took me a while to figure out how to be able to upgrade decor more than once.
While at the Castle, click decor.
Scroll through to street lamps.
When you click the lamps 'thin lamps' comes up in the window.
Hold your finger over 'thin lamps' and swipe left.
This brings up different types of lamps to upgrade to.

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