Virtual Villagers- Story Time

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Share your Virtual Villagers story in this thread. Explore your imagination and write ANYTHING! (I am not changing the names)

So in my village there are 10 people. I'll be writing about them.

1. Aida (18) Female Research, Healer

2. Aito (26) Male Research

3.Aisha (18) Female Research, Healer

4. Aloha (10) Female Research

5. Amago (29) Male Builder

6 Amao (16) Male Builder

7. Amiri (19) Male Builder

8. City (26) Female Mother

9. Coral (21) Female Healer

10. Dama (46) Male Chief

The story will be written in Aisha's point of view.

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Re:Virtual Villagers- Story Time

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Our village, Isola is a big and marvelous place. The tribal flowers to the huge waterfall ,everything is amazing. Our first village had been destroyed by a volcano, but the village elders had somehow escaped and found another village to live in.

They had found poor innocent children, hanging around near the waterfall. Though, the volcano had been followed by three whole generations, the village is still the same: Beautiful and mesmerizing.

The other villages are way younger than ours but their population is greater, probably because their village has more than three mothers!

Our chief Dama had made a rule, when he had gained power: The village population would never be greater than 10 people. So he appointed only one person as the mother.

But our chief is going to be proven wrong because City (the mother) is pregnant with the village's eleventh child. The father of the child is Amago (City's boyfriend)

However the chief does not know about City and Amago, nor their unborn child but City will undoubtedly be getting fat soon.

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Re:Virtual Villagers- Story Time

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Today, Chief Dama had noticed City's bulging stomach. Me and my friend Coral are healers and we were the one who told City that she was pregnant. City was dreadfully anxious.

I felt bad for City, she had been a mother since she was 16. At 16, she gave birth to Amago's daughter Aloha.

From then on, she had nothing to do except spend time near the waterfall while Amago was working and spend time with him, in his cottage, when he wasn't working.

When City was 18 (my age) she had dared to break the rule. She got pregnant with a baby boy who was Aito's (her then love interest) son. The chief decided to kill the boy on our Village Festival in the public.

Everyone except City assembled there. Amago (who was furious with City) dragged her to the sacrificial altar. The chief looked at everyone with anger in his eyes.

"This child!" he said, shaking the kid in front of everyone. "is a mistake!". City sobbed. He said some more words about City's indiscipline. "And this child does not have space in this village!" he said. City gasped as the child was placed in a big bucket.

"We will not kill the child. No!" he whispered, as his voice softened. "For, he is innocent and does not deserve such fate BUT.." his voice returned to the loud pitch. "If City or anyone else dares to do such a thing again... their child will be killed!"

Chief Dama had placed the child in the water and he floated away. City did not have the heart to say a thing and she sat by the water, the whole night, tears falling in the water. I was only ten years then but I understood one thing that night:

Chief Dama was not a person to mess with!

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Re:Virtual Villagers- Story Time

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As I was saying, Chief Dama had noticed City's bulging stomach. He asked her the reason for her becoming fat. "Oh! Its nothing, Chief!" she said, laughing hysterically. "I happened to spot a lot of sweet berries on the bush, last night! So I feasted on it!"

The chief looked at City suspiciously. But then Aito rushed inside the hall (which Dama used as his office). "Chief! Monkeys!" he shouted, as he hurried inside. "What?!" Chief asked. "Yes, yes! The monkey's are ruining our project!"

I jumped up and ran to my research table. The monkey's were indeed eating and scratching our project. The Chief and Aito were wasting their time, trying to chase the monkeys.

I immediately took some bananas from the bin and threw them where the monkey's could see them. The monkey's jumped off the research table and Aito and Amago quickly pushed the tables into the hut and closed the door.

The monkey's quickly left as they saw their entertainment gone. "Quick thinking back there, Aisha..." said Chief panting and drinking some water.

After he had regained his composure, he smiled at me. "Tell me, dear! I will fulfill your wish, whatever it is!". I glanced at City, who was covering her stomach with a scarf.

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