Turning off the sound of Alicia's comments

[Post New]by agrostemma_games on May 22, 17 6:54 AM
If you do not like the sound of Alicia's comments you can turn it off in the settings menu.

1) Click on the "MENU" button and choose "Settings".
2) Click on the "Audio" button.
3) Click on the "Audio comments" checkbox to turn the sound of comments on or off.

If "Audio comments" checkbox is off, text of the comment will still appear on the top of the screen but without the sound of Alicia making the comment.

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Re:Turning off the sound of Alicia's comments

[Post New]by Bartsister on May 22, 17 7:58 AM
Thanks for posting that. Hope that will give people an incentive to give the game a chance.

For me, I appreciate the character comments when you click on things. It is very old school classic adventure. So, thank you very much for adding that as a feature. I finished playing Thimbleweed Park a few weeks ago and one of my favorite things was clicking on everything to get the character comments and, of course, exhausting all dialogue options.

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Re:Turning off the sound of Alicia's comments

[Post New]by rainworm on May 22, 17 9:40 AM
Yes, thanks for posting. I did find out myself though. Downloaded the demo. Game plays fine, no technical issues. Video sequences are nicely done. It is quite old school but on the other hand a nice crime story with a slight mystical touch.

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