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I've traded in my inventory...

[Post New]by rbsworld on May 30, 17 6:57 PM
For a bunch of weird ZZ stuff! I have been doing "Blue Key" quests solely since the end of the SE. I have almost enough to craft my 5th key...how I so want all of the exclusive level 69 pets right now....or so I thought.

I looked at my inventory this afternoon and really didn't recognize some of it. I have for example traded the Immortal Treasures for some weird crafted half life (my term for unknown ZZ item). These blue quests are hungry little buggers too! Every one of them seems to want a HOS visit AND a complicated ZZ visit. I've been partially successful in overlapping quests to cut down on the drain to my HOS item inventory. I also now understand why so many players at the end of content may only use a pet for the gnome DQ's...they don't recognize blue key quests AT all! Why is that? I feel awful when they sit there and cry for food!

I want to thank my friends too. I reluctantly put a destiny key on my wish list because my enthusiasm for these exclusive pets is dwindling. Your generosity is humbling.

I laugh at myself all the time...I actually thought I would get these blue quests done in short order AND do DQs at the same time....ha! All I want now is to be done with them so I can do HOS for more purposeful endeavours....like levelling up or creating a more diverse inventory.

I am going back to work on them.....enjoy your castle,

RBsMom (the blue face quester)


Re:I've traded in my inventory...

[Post New]by Wolfgal_2000 on May 30, 17 7:06 PM
Hey! You're my friend on my two Kindle games (LadyHawk and BlackWolf), and my daughters' games, too (Lilly and Gabby). I have no problem spending the 50 coins to send you keys I'm not at that level yet, I like to go slow slow, so I'm not even collecting them yet, and it's no inconvenience for me at all. Leave it up for as long as you need and I'll send them

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