Cavern doesn't work - gives just one or two of some colors to match 3!

[Post New]by NancyWar on May 31, 17 5:54 PM
I think this is a technical issue unless I am really missing something. I know this is an older game but I recently purchased it and I'm playing on Windows 10. I've gotten through restoring all of the buildings on the map, but on the more advanced levels I keep getting impossible levels to solve in the cavern (where you have to remove all marbles & try to get them removed in the fewest amount of turns). I solved the first cavern challenges, but now it is giving me impossible levels to solve (how can you match 3 of a color when you are only given 1 or 2 of that color to start with??) When I ask for a hint, it shows me matches that can't possibly work or tells me to take back all of the moves to the start, and then take back more! I try starting over, and I'm still given the same impossible set-ups. When this first started happening it would let me leave and go back to the map and give me another building to restore. I've restored all the buildings, but I can't finish the game because of the problems in the cavern. Is this game not compatible for Windows 10 or is there an update (although I just downloaded it a few days ago)? Please help!


Re:Cavern doesn't work - gives just one or two of some colors to match 3!

[Post New]by NancyWar on Jun 1, 17 2:11 PM
Update: I rebooted my computer and now things are working properly. Guess it was my computer rather than the game, although this type of error, rather than just failing to load, or getting an error message, etc., seems really odd. Anyway, if anyone has a similar problem please just try to restart your computer.

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