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Mac version available for I SPY ™ Spooky Mansion

[Post New]by bfgTigris on Apr 20, 10 9:18 AM
The Mac version of I SPY ™ Spooky Mansion is here!

If you would like to check it out , you can go to the game page here. The game play will be the same across both PC and Mac platforms so you can use this forum to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other I SPY ™ Spooky Mansion players.

If you need technical assistance for your Mac game, we recommend contacting our Technical Support Team by clicking the green to the right to get to our Help Pages, and then click "Contact Us" to submit a support ticket.

If you’re a Game Club Member, by connecting to Live Chat.

To find answers online, you can take a glance at the Mac Game Errors help article.

If you have questions about how to use the forums, please click the FAQ link to the right of this page.

Happy Gaming!

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Re:Mac version available for I SPY ™ Spooky Mansion

[Post New]by Blue_Phoenix on Apr 23, 10 12:16 AM
This is ludicrous, not to mention painfully annoying! This is now the 2nd considerable sized game (mind you, Im on dial up) that took 12+ hours to download only to never be able to open and play! But dont you know when I try and watch that freakin' Mac spinning beach ball of death, it chips away at my trial time! Yup... I dont even get the game to open but while trying, it takes away my time for free trial.

Second time now this has happened with a Mac game... which is unusual since my Mac and BFG have been perfectly compatible. However, it's frustrating nonetheless. You should be able to download a game and play the trial, without involving tech support. Ive no time for this right now. Cant a girl come home from surgery and just play a damn game?!

Must tell you, it makes me leery of DLing annoying large games in the future which would end my time at BFG. Im venting, so let me get it out. I listen to you guys and support you as well. Please dont tell me to turn to tech. What? To re-download it so my computer is tied up for yet another day... screw it. Ive no patience for it currently. I simply want to play the games I DL. What a crappy way to spend insomnia and dealing with poor fall out from anesthesia. PFFT!


Re:Mac version available for I SPY ™ Spooky Mansion

[Post New]by clinton12 on Aug 26, 10 6:20 PM
ok... i feel like another comment made on the download time.i'm sure u deduct the $ from our account with no delay but... why can't we have the download as quickly as u take the money?f this!i might as well go to walmart or somewhere and just go ahead, by the game & bring it home,download it & go ahead & be allowed to play what i just paid for?get it together guys or you will lose alot of business!


Re:Mac version available for I SPY ™ Spooky Mansion

[Post New]by clinton12 on Aug 26, 10 6:25 PM
ok... i feel like the other comment on the downloading time for the games.i'm sure u deduct the $ automatically so why can't we have our games downloaded in the same manner?i might as well go to walmart or somewhere & buy the game,bring it home,download it & be able to go ahead & play it together guys or your gonna lose alot of business!!!!!!

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