Jigsaw puzzles

[Post New]by debic234 on Jun 1, 17 11:19 AM
What do the letters A and B on the bottom of the jigsaw puzzles mean?

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Re:Jigsaw puzzles

[Post New]by Hoggywizard on Jun 1, 17 1:23 PM
Hi D,

Click on the A button to show the picture you are going to make in the area where you have to put the pieces. Click the button again to turn the picture off.

Click on the B button to show you a small 'box top' image of the puzzle you are going to make. Click the button again to turn the picture off. Note that when the picture is showing, you can click and drag it to anywhere on the screen.

Hope that helps. Happy gaming.

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Re:Jigsaw puzzles

[Post New]by bluejen on Jun 9, 17 5:00 PM
I truly appreciate members trying to help out others. I can hopefully stop pulling my hair out and not have to worry about looking like my Dad. I look like him enough already.

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